Thursday, March 31, 2011

Project Simplify Hot Spot#4 - Before

This week the Hot Spot was our pantry and refrigerator. I had a little bit of relief - comparing how terrible the rest of my home is, the pantry and refrigerator is not so ... terrifying?

Top shelf- extra cereal, adult snack
2nd: kids' snacks
3rd: some plastic bins, meds
4th tea and cans
5th: pasta, noodles
bottom: rice and some more noodles
Coffee and Spices

Well, I didn't say it would be neat. So, if you expect something nicer, I am sorry that I disappoint you. But I did use a lot of basket to make reaching into the back of the pantry easier and I also employed some organization system. And I also check them often... at least comparing to me a few years ago :)

My fridge isn't in too bad a shape too, I highly doubt I would find many expired things in there:

But then, take a look at my counter:

and the top of my fridge:
and the grocery bags on the floor:
I realized that my "system" is not sufficient for what I buy, that's why they are on the counter; that's why I am so reluctant to put away things after grocery shopping! It's because I do not know where they should go. I needed to review my "system".

But the biggest challenge of this hot spot is actually the other part of the question: why certain things even exists in the pantry or my grocery bags? Do those things truly deserve a spot? Does it match with our purpose statement? 

My secret ice-cream
And chocolate bar


  1. I have secret stashes too :) Nice to know Im no alone!

  2. Okay, I was thinking maybe I should quit keeping these secrets and try to really eat healthy for myself and my kids. Now you ladies had me rethink...