Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Frustrated by me

In so many ways, I feel like I fail as a mother. Obviously, there is this messiness problem that this blog is dedicated to. But there are also these many other areas, possibly with the same root cause, that I just cannot seem to do a fair job.

Today, my oldest, the second grader, has a piece of homework that is supposed to be due. He is only half finished with it. It is a project that we could have worked on during the school break but didn't. Now the work has to be cramped into one day. To top it off, he left the necessary material at school. It means that he could not continue the work until tomorrow and tomorrow is the day that he has violin lesson... 

I am totally not happy with my son that he waited to last minute to get it done. But then, what kind of guidance did I give him? None. In fact, I didn't know it was past due until he told me this morning. Well, I did know that he has something to do during the break but I just let it go when he told me he had no homework then. Shouldn't I at least be helping him set small deadlines so he could get it done in time? 

What's worse is that, what kind of example am I giving him? Often times, I do not start dinner until the last half hour. I do not do laundry until someone told me they are on their last piece of underwear. My desk stays as a mess. In fact, I think he just unfortunately got my genes...

Now, with my very own track record, I don't know how I could guide him so that he would not walk down the same path as I did - constantly rushed to get things done therefore everything was either late or finished with fair standard only because it was not done when time was there...



  1. Be encouraged! Step 1 is recognizing where you think you can improve. Being more aware of it will help you set small goals. I try with my kids to ask each day right when I pick them up from daycare ... tell me about your day. School. papers that you worked on. things your teacher said, etc. Then if there is something that is due longer than the next day, we put it on the calendar in her room and mine, and we check every day after school to see what is coming. Keep up the good work. I, too, am a messy mama and looking to bring order to my home.

  2. Thank you very much for the tip. I must admit I am not doing a very good job asking my kids about their day. I should start making this a higher priority.