Saturday, April 2, 2011

Re: Ten Ways to Waste Food

Upon reading the true and funny post of Ten Ways to Waste Food from Elizabeth @ Ready.Set.Simplify, couldn't help but to post my response:

1. Nope. Not a problem here. My fridge is okay, it isn't scary. And no, it.doesn'!!
2. Yep, just put this back in the freezer:
I believe that expiration dates are overly "safe" to prevent the companies from getting lawsuit. I think we could and we will still eat it, even though it has been sitting there for months!
3. How else can you do it? 
4. Why would anyone wants to pass up a good deal? Am I missing something here?
5. The last time I look at this must have been January. It was still okay to donate it...

6. What is a meal plan?
7. That's what Costco is for, right? They give you free tasting, so, you try the food, they tasted so good, it seems so easy to make and so much healthier than you normally eat, you are convinced that you'll cook it at home a couple of times a week. So, you buy them in bulk.
8. You mean you write down what you want to buy and search the inside of your fridge and pantry and write down what you have got? Yeah, who has time for that nonsense!
9. Why label? I always remember what's in my containers, each and every one of them!
10. Sure. Why would I want to eat the older ones first and let the newer ones get old?


  1. Thanks for writing these! I enjoyed reading them! :-)

  2. Thank you. Nothing like the original though - it was so much fun to read yours.

  3. Haha number 10 is just too funny. Love this post.