Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Project Simplify Hot Spot#3 - Before

This week's hot spot is kid's clothing and/or toys. I have 3 kids. With their dad enjoy buying them toys and their mom cannot let go of any opportunity of getting hand-me-downs. They have quite a collection. I found it is particularly challenging to handle our little girl's clothing. So, I have decided to focus on her things this week and get the boys to help me with their things during their spring break.

Girls really do have a large variety of clothing and accessories. I used to just keep a cheap, plastic, 3-drawer dresser of clothing for each of her brothers but she needed two and still they can't seem to hold them all. Nothing speaks better than a few pictures, so, this week, I decided to follow the footstep of Elizabeth @ Ready.Set.Simplify and post some before pictures:

Dresser #1 with tons of clothing next to it...

Changing area and laundry basket of clean clothing and diapers

Laundry basket
with another bag of hand-me-down
and some bedding waiting to be washed...
More clothes on the mattress

As you can see, it is absolutely embarrassing. One thing I know is that she has out-grown a lot of those clothes. In fact, the bags of clothing next to dresser #1 are going away clothes. I need to properly store them for paying it forward. There is also a bag of clean diaper that I was going to sell. I probably could find more that I could let go of. My girl is in underwear at home now. As you can see, laundry is my other problem, I hope I could get the monster down this week.

Stop the Inflow
More hand-me-down of larger size
I am sure I also need to be more selective in choosing from the hand-me-down. After having two boys, the girly hand-me-down are so difficult to let go. But now that I start to see what I tend to use and what not, I hope I could avoid flooding her dressers :)

Downsizing, sort of...

It is an important task to "down-size" her wardrobe - we are going to move her to sleep in her brothers' room! Both boys are very excited to get their bunk-bed and this little girl of mine seems to want to have company in her room too, just like her brothers. Meanwhile, my husband's crazy workload has led him to work more hours. Having his office (the girl's room) back would make it easier for him to carry out those work from home.

So, I have tons of reasons to get this done, let it begin...


  1. I love all the pictures! I have the same problem with hand-me-down clothes, too! I need to work on my littlest girl's clothes also. But this week I picked TOYS as my focus! I just finally posted some before pictures. :-)

  2. Can you believe that, before these pictures were taken, I have already given away a few bags of her stuff?

    My boys' spring break is coming up in the first week of Apr. I was gonna have them help with their toys then. Can you come back to check on me? I think I need someone to keep me accountable :)

  3. Of course I believe it! You have seen my pictures, haven't you? ;-)

    Yes! I will plan to come back and check on you, assuming I am not trapped under a large pile of clutter...

    My toy progress has been slow since that first day.

  4. My progress has been slow too. Laundry is my major problem. And then, I found out that I just seem to be just moving things around...