Saturday, March 19, 2011

Project Simplify Hot Spot#2

This is definitely not done yet... and I am just talking about the paper trail around my desk! Well, my desk does look better:


but only because I have a lot of paper in boxes!
From Right: Action Soon, Shred, Action/File, Recycle

I probably should have followed the directions from Simple Mom more closely... but instead, I separate the Action box into two. I did that because there bound to be some paper  that need more immediate attention, like the dental form for school. But it is the Action/File box that I always ended up just leave them alone... I have 6 or more boxes of similar things from previous move! This time I really need to have to conquer this Action/File box - so that I may have the courage to open the other 6!

Pray for me that I may have this done before the next hot spot's up. Here is an encouragement for myself:


  1. Good job! It looks like you already had that cabinet pretty well organized! The desk looks much better! I'm with you on needing to get through some more boxes!! And I do hope the next hot spot is just a little easier... We'll find out tomorrow!

  2. Thank you for your encouragement. I continued to work on it tonight and I am closer to having those 3 boxes emptied. BTW, the next spot is revealed by now and it is not an easy task for me...