Saturday, March 26, 2011

Project Simplify Hot Spot#3 - After

Posting the embarrassing before pictures on Tuesday does take up a lot of time from actually doing the work. But it also, at the same time, helped me to focus on what needs to be done and to envision how I like the room to feel, even though, we are planning to move her into her brothers' room...

So, here is the before and after pictures of the most embarrassing corners:
Dresser #1 - Before

Dresser #1 - After
Diapers and changing area - Before
Diaper and changing are - after
In the first picture above, the bags next to the dressers were actually going away clothing and some diapers that I was going to sell. So, that part was actually not too difficult. It is harder to go through her clothes to sort out what keep and what not. I don't know about other 19-month-old girl but mine is definitely very typical girly type - she wanted me to put clothing that she liked on her and keep digging out other pieces of clothing! I ended up put her to nap in my bed one afternoon to sort it out. 

And now I am quite happy with how the room looks:

What have yet to be done

During this project, I suddenly realized how have been avoiding the laundry part of it. There is probably more clothing in the laundry pile that should really be in the "Give" basket. I need to tackle this:

My husband noticed a lot of things were gone from our girl's room and asked where they are. I am actually not sure if it is a good idea or not, I have put them into my closet the very first hot spot! But I guess I still need a place to put them away before I actually sell/give them, right? I hope I will carry through this very last part of the work and see it to the end. It wouldn't be Project Simplify if I am just moving things around, right? 

To be sent away
As excited as I am seeing the results of all these hotspots, I do honestly hope that the next spot would be a bit easier, so, I may deal with these "residuals". Besides, I haven't started my taxes yet. But then, which area of my home would be easy for me? Which part isn't a hot spot?!


  1. Good job! I keep hoping the next hot spot will be easier too! How about "The silverware drawer." THAT would be sweet! Instead, I think she's going to say, "Your whole entire kitchen!" We'll see. I'm in no matter what because I need it!

  2. Thanks! I kept thinking kitchen be the next hot spot too. BTW, did you realized that she seems to be focusing on things rather than space as the hot spots? I'm very curious what's next. But, like you said, I am in anyways.

  3. Just a thought, you could just donate those extra clothes to a Goodwill or other similar place, instead of keeping them around to sell/give "eventually". You get a tax deduction receipt each time, which could help moneywise even more than trying to sell. It does feel nice to get it out of the way :)

  4. Yes, that's true. Donating our unwanted clothing used to be my default action but I guess our recent increased financial pressure has lead me to think otherwise. I am afraid I may need some prayers to get over that voice of "I could earn some money by selling this" in my head...