Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time to Report

It has been a week since I last posted about my plan. During this week, I have been in and out the doctor's office, even paying a visit to the urgent care on Saturday! There was nothing serious, in fact, it may seem even hilarious: just my fingers having some kind of eczema that had gotten infected. They do look too horrible to be seen in pictures though.

And I had to choose Saturday to have a fever.

I got nervous with what was going on with my hand, so I called the doctor's line. And the doctors line got nervous by a feverish adult who may post a risk factor to public health and sent me to urgent care. It turned out they could not find any threatening cause for my fever and I was sent home after 3.5 hours. And my fever was off the very next day... Just a little annoyance in life.

My fingers have not been completely recovered yet. They feel like having many paper cuts on them some of the times. And they itch like crazy other times. I have, therefore, excused myself from many of the housework... including my frog. Instead, I listened to Dave Ramsey's Podcast (BTW, it makes doing laundry and dishes a lot more interesting) and started to write a few more blog posts.

How would you like to read a Debt and Clutter series? 

Perhaps, I am just giving myself an excuse from doing the real work but I think I need to have a more thought-out plan. Meanwhile, I will continue to post progress, even the lack of it. I need to become more accountable.

BTW, I found my cable and here is the picture I intended to post last week...

Taken last week

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