Monday, September 26, 2011

Introducing Clutter and Debt Series

Perhaps, money speaks to me louder. Debt just seem to be more difficult to swallow than clutter. But somehow, when I first exposed to Dave Ramsey's Real Debt Help website, the word clutter just popped into my head every time he said debt. I started to realize how serious my clutter problem is.

I began to listen to his podcast and got his audio book, The Total Money Makeover. The more I listened to his plan, the more I find I could translate his method to help me become clutter-free. Just as debt free cannot be achieved in just one step, clutter-free also need many steps, at least for a chronically disorganized person like me. Beginning next week, I will post on each Monday a lesson I have drawn from his method. I will have action items on each of them and I will report how I do on Fridays. Here are a few of the titles I have in mind:

  1. Stop Using Credit; Report
  2. Budget
  3. Emergency Funds
  4. Debt Snowball

I will add to this list and link them to the actual post as they come up. I hope you can join me or cheer me on!

This week, I will not post new action items. Instead, I will work on my 15-minute desk decluttering and report my desk condition on Friday.

Talk to you again soon!

[ Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Dave Ramsey, his website, his show or his company. I am not getting any profit if you click one of those links to his website. I am just inspired by his debt free plan to become clutter free. From listening to his show and the many debt-free calls, I am however happy to be linking to their website. ]

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