Friday, September 30, 2011

Desk Report

This week, I finally start eating my frog! I still have problem doing it first thing what I get the time. But 4 out of the 9 days since I last report, I work on clearing a bit of the clutter on my desk, can I say it is an improvement?

Here are my pictures:
On Sept 14

It looked better. But I know I still have a lot to work on. Did you notice the stacks at the back? Those were the boxes from Project Simplify!

As I am working on the clutter on my desk, I found my biggest problem is where to put those paper. I have a filing cabinet, but I have a hard time just to make a decision on how to file. That's why the paper always end up on my desk! Of course, there are some paper that I am supposed to act on and I am delaying making decision on those too.

That would be part of the problem I will deal with through the Clutter and Debt series. Really, I start to see the little light from the end of the clutter tunnel. It is still far and blurred but I believe it is there...

BTW, I have a question about my blog address and blog name. I do not like the fact that they don't match because "" was already taken when I signed up. I am thinking about moving to "" which I have already copied my post over there to "reserve" the address :) I also like that the title feels more alive. However, I am wondering if it is wise to move my blog. Any opinions? If you like it over there, can you follow me over there? Or, leave me a comment?

Thank you very much for keeping me on track!

[Edited on 10/3/2011: I just found Organization Junkie through Elizabeth @ Ready.Set.Simplify and I am linking this page to participate in their #39 of 52 weeks of organizing. It is so much more fun to work together with others.]

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