Saturday, September 3, 2011

Planning to Plan

Last post was a lot of fun to write. It truly represents myself: I have read books, blogs, articles on getting organized, increasing productivity or other areas of self-help. But I often stopped before I took action. As I was trying to show last time, I stopped because I didn't know what to do. I did not know what to do, partly because the mess has been so widely built up, there are everywhere and overwhelming. But it is also because there are so many theories and ideas that I have read, my mind is as cluttered as my desk.

This leads to the other reason I enjoyed writing my last post: I found that, having my thoughts written down, I also have my thoughts organized. By the end of it, I knew my fundamental answer is in the link "What to do when you don't know what to do" - Forget about having the right answer, instead, just do something! Through the process of writing, I have a better grasp of the knowledge behind the information. I understand my own concerns better. And I can truly evaluate how I want to apply the knowledge in approaching my problems.

In the coming weeks, I would like to get my thoughts more organized on the topics that I have touched on last time, so, expect to see a few more posts on those. I am also "conceiving" an action plan as a result. After all, I would have wasted the understanding I have gained if the knowledge does not induce action. I am hoping to announce my plan in the beginning of this coming week. If you are interested in keeping me on track, sending some encouragement, please add a comment or simply click on "Support" button below. I often forget about those "Reactions" buttons myself, but I saw a  (2) next the the "Hugs" box on "My Irresponsible Life", it was quite comforting and encouraging. Thank you!


  1. It has been a week from when I had hoped to put up my plan. In case you are patient enough to still be waiting for it, I have not forgotten about it... just still working on it...