Monday, April 4, 2011

Project Simplify Hot Spot#4 - After

Writing this post late made me think of the story of the race between the turtle and the rabbit - I really thought I could come out ahead for this hot spot but here I am writing this post after the next hot spot is announced!

Cleaning the pantry and fridge is truth-revealing to me, I am definitely guilty of all Ten ways to waste food from Elizabeth @ Ready.Set.Simplify...
Expired Food
Note the expiration date

Other spices with similar expiration dates
Given to me when I was pregnant -
My little one is now 19 months old

I have not used them
Must learn to resist free stuff!
Sprouting taro
I thought these would be healthier snack substitute
I just don't know how to cook them...
The reason I cancelled our Costco membership
- until I can resist the impulse to try things in bulk
The Reorganization

For some reason, I am hesitant about putting bread into the pantry. But upon seeing Simple Mom's results, perhaps, it is time for me to overcome that fear...
Counter full of bread and stuff

Bread gone, fresh fruit for easy access

Bread and spread now inside pantry
With my middle child outgrown his wheat allergy, I have stuffed our pantry with a lot more crackers and cookies. The dried fruit I used to fill his (and his brother's) snack box with has been left behind. Fortunately, those dried fruit has long shelf life and now I am putting it back in a more visible location for easier access and the less healthy crackers being pushed back.

Okay, popcorn and marshmallow are still in front
but I can see through them :)


I am sure this system will need some reviewing soon - I should re-evaluate myself next time I do grocery shopping and see how quickly/easy I could put things away. There are also healthier food/snack choices out there. (Urgh, it would have been a good start if I could have the winning price of this hot spot!) But I now learn that I should have learn how to cook them before buying! 

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  1. You´ve done a good job!
    I´m still working on it......


  2. Thank you! I hope you are making progress.

  3. You did a lot of work! Good job! I still need to get to the pantry....someday! How is the toy decluttering going? I am not doing so well this week with my goals, but now it's crunch time! Deadlines DO help me!

  4. Thank you for checking back on me :)

    This week didn't start off quite well. The kids did help a bit but I haven't been as focus as I'd like myself to be. And I am overwhelmed by my own goals. I hope I can get at least most of it done by tomorrow. I need to start on my taxes!