Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another Post of Small Progress and Some Updates

Nothing big, but just something to keep myself motivated :)

First, a more dramatic difference in a small area - the crayons drawer:


Then, a far much less impressive difference, but in my most challenging area - my desk:

It might take some detective work to find the difference...

Did you find any?

See the inside right hand corner of the desk surface? There used to be two boxes with a pile of paper on top, and it is just one box now!

Progress is progress, right? I need to keep myself motivated, as I am feeling very useless lately. I need to purposely think about what productive things I spent my time on.

Actually, there was a time between these two desk pictures were taken, my desk looked better. I was keeping my incoming paper work "current", meaning that, they were being dealt with almost immediately. 

What happened?

I got side-tracked to work on something else...

In my last post, I wrote about a garage sale. Even though I did not sell much due to my stupidity, I did spend the time and gather up things that could go. 

I also worked on my girl's clothes again, sorting out the ones that is now too small and passed them on.

I also participated in a cloth diaper garage sale. I bought three boxes of diapers (yes, I bought more than two kids' worth of diapers!) to the garage sale and bring home one empty box.

With more than half of the cloth diapers left, I spent the time to take individual pictures and am currently listing those in a local cloth diaper group. With this listing experience, all the enquiries and messages, I must say, I grow a new level of respect who sell anything out of their home! The group will have a physical meeting this Thursday. Hopefully, I can get some of those sold! 

I also tried my hands at making homemade laundry detergent. Perhaps, I could share my experiences and my silly mistakes with you in another blog post. 

While I am happy that I managed to do quite a few things on my want-to-do-since-forever list, I am disappointed that I had to fall behind in other areas to achieve it. 

That means, I am paying off some old debt with some new ones... I need to spend more time in budgeting.


  1. I love the title of your blog! Many, many years ago we were drowning in a mess. I felt frustrated and overwhelmed and embarrassed whenever anyone came over.

    It was pretty bad and I'm not even joking, lol! I just had messes and piles everywhere. But I made my own journey to order, just as you are, and even now, I have to remember to not obsess over organizing the little things (that no one will ever see) and ignore the big things that can't be missed when I'm doing a quick clean-up.

    Be proud of yourself for everything you're accomplishing and remember it's a process!

    1. Thank you very much for your encouragement. Yes, I need to remember that - it's a process! One bite at a time!