Thursday, April 26, 2012

What I Learn from our Old TV

This TV has been sitting in our bedroom unplugged for more than a year.

We bought a newer TV some time ago and my husband liked to enjoy a little screen time in bed, so, we kept it in our bedroom.

A few more years passed by. We finally figured that, we could live with just one TV and we returned the extra U-Verse box to AT&T and saved a few bucks a month.

At the time, this thing still works fine and I have been telling my husband that we could probably sell it for a little bit of money and know that it would actually get used.

As a procrastinator, I haven't done it. The longer I waited, the more ancient it looked. Would anyone still buy these kind of TV? Even for very little money? The more I think, the more hesitant I am to post. And the cycle repeats.

Two weeks ago, a friend invited me to participate with her at their community's garage sale. She told me that most buyers would not mind old things as long as they are cheap.

Perfect opportunity, right?

Yes, it was.

Except that I waited too long. Probably because that thing has been gathering too much dust, we tested it the night before and it was not working... any more.

Now, it has officially become electronic waste.

My lesson? Electronics are better sell sooner than later and procrastination rarely works!

Another Garage Sale/Procrastination Lesson

Not only did I test the TV the night before, I also gathered other stuff for sale that same night.

It was 3:30 AM when I finally thought I was done and went to bed.

The end results? I could not wake up in time to catch the crowd which was between 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM ( I arrived at 7:45 AM!)

I am grateful that I was still able to sell a few pairs of kids' shoes and a mirror that had been lying under my kid's bed for 4 years... I don't even know why I kept it.

But I probably would be able to sell all the old shoes, kids clothes, an area rug, etc... if I had arrived at 6:00 AM as my friend suggested.

So, for garage sale, I need to get up really, really, really early!

Oh well, a lesson learned from a mistake is still a tiny step forward, right?

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