Monday, April 2, 2012

$12 Worth of Chicken

From 3 whole chickens and a barbecue pack of 6 legs and 6 thighs

I just want to share my recent good buy.

Whole chicken are selling 65 cents per pound. With a recently found tutorial from Home EC 101, I bought three and cut up two of them, leaving one to be cooked as is. While I was there, I saw some "Manager Special" Thigh and Legs barbecue packs being put out for just under $3 (originally cost about $10 just for this pack!) I wish I had a bigger freezer!

I am not just happy about the price for the chicken, I felt really good for having them cut up and bagged as well... instead of leaving them in the fridge for 3 days and thinking "I need to cut up those chicken" every time I open the refrigerator door; only to finally stuff them into the freezer as is and hope that they have not gone bad yet.

I am also a little bit proud for reusing the cereal bags and not using more plastic bags than I already had.

Just some silly, and yet so real, joy of a recovering messy wife.


  1. Nice job! I love a good deal.

  2. Thanks a bunch, ladies, for all your encouragements.