Thursday, March 1, 2012


I am sorry to report that I will not be able to post before and after pictures for the 29 Day Organizational Challenge; these few days have been quite eventful...

The Bad News

We found out over the weekend our water heater had been leaking. Then, Monday morning, we woke up to a flat tire on our 2-year-old car!

But the worst part was, apparently, the water heater had been leaking for a long time as the surrounding area (a small closet) had grown mold.

To fix everything right, the leaky water heater and the moldy dry wall was taken out. Replacing it was a huge dehumidifier to dry up the area.

Once the area is dry enough, they will put up new dry wall and then a new water heater!

I was given an estimate of 72 hours for the area to dry but it had to rain in sunny San Diego just about when they put the dehumidifier in! I hope it would not affect their estimate much... I miss having hot tap water.

The Good News

It turned out that the flat tire can be repaired and I was pleasantly surprised that Costco repaired it for free! They get it all done while I shop for groceries. Isn't that nice?

And, as a renter, their is no cost to us for the repairs except for a few days of inconvenience. One of the few occasions that I am glad for still being a renter...

The Lessons

Sometimes, it is difficult to focus when lives happened. It is true that I need to take the car to the shop and stay around for the people to work on our water heater area. But in retrospect, I was more distracted than really not having the time.  I definitely got carried away and did not work on organizing my desk.

Last week, I could not do much. I thought, I planned too complicated meals and spent too much time in making them. With a lot of leftovers in the fridge, I thought I could work more on the desk this week. But instead, I got distracted.

It looks like I need better planning around my organizational project. There must be a balance between planning too much that I could not fit in the project and planning too little that I lose track.

Probably a more detailed plan with the break down of the steps would help. Just putting down what dishes to make and "get the desk organized" on my to do list does not seem to work so well.

I look forward to showing you some progress report next week. I hope I could come up with a plan in between too.

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  1. You can do it! I know setting the timer and working for 15 min. helps me to stay focused.