Thursday, February 23, 2012

Joining the Challenge (and Fun) ...


With the encouragement from Elizabeth @ Ready.Set.Simplify, I am joining the 29 Day Organizational Challenge over at Org Junkie!

I will not have 29 days but, like Elizabeth said it, progress is good!

So, in the coming week, I will work as much as I could to make a change.

Oh, by the way, I will be working on my desk. I mean I will be organizing my desk and the surrounding war zone...

This place is weighing me down...

As messy as I am, I could not stand how my kids' room look.

They already know where each toy should go, I often wonder why can't they just put them away? I am sure they could do it because they could clean their room up in about 15 minutes when I get mad.

But why aren't they doing it without my voice being raised? Why can't they put them away before taking out the next toy?

I guess, I have asked the wrong questions.

The right questions are, why would they? Or, how could they?

Their mom has been ignoring the messiness of her desk to make dinner, to do laundry, to check their homework, or worst of all, to go online mindlessly.

She has not made tidying her desk a priority, how would they learn that one should put away whatever they are working on before moving onto the next task?

The paper boxes from last year's Project Simplified is still on my desk...

I need to make it a priority.

More importantly, I hope I could model setting goals, making plans, giving myself timeline and working at it.

I am kind of nervous already.

What if my plan was not realistic? What if I could not follow through? What if I missed my deadlines?

What if...

But I will also model that I do not need to get it right the first time. The key is to face our mistakes and keep working.

I pray that my own learning experience would become a valuable lessons not just for me.

Stay tuned for updates.

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