Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am back!

Hi, there!

Thank you very much for checking back on me.

I honestly do not think that my posts was interesting or educational enough for anyone to come back and look for a new post just to read. I believe that those of you keep checking my blog from time to time during my silence did so out of a caring heart. I really appreciate that.


I came back before Christmas. In my own opinion, I did some meaningful things while I was gone. But I could not say the same after my return..

First, we fought jet lag.

Then, the kids were off from school.

Next, we went to a local christian conference.

I got very motivated during the conference but still, I let time flew by without committing to any change.

Before I knew it, laundry got piled up again. My desk got more paper clutter on it. I struggled with dishes and dinner.

I had been thinking that I should straighten these things out before I started writing or reading other blogs again. Family needs should come first, right?

But after all these time, I am still struggling. Then, I remembered, reporting on here had been one of my driving force to get to where I was before my trip.

Writing on here did not mean I spend less time on family or the chores around taking care of family.

Writing on here helped me to focus, to make decision ahead of time, to plan and to have some accountability.

I need your company to get back on track!

Thank you for being around.


  1. Welcome back! I know exactly what you mean! My blog helps me stay accountable. But I still struggle, too! It's a battle. But I have hope!

    1. Thanks! It is great to have company too. BTW, I might join the fun with Org Junkie's Challenge that I first saw on your blog. I am a bit late but I'll see...

    2. I hope you do join in! It's not too late! Even if you don't get it 'perfect,' progress is a good, good, thing!

    3. Thanks for the encouragement. You are right, progress is good!