Sunday, July 1, 2012

ING Account Bonus

[Edited on 7/6/2012, new text is shown in green]

I have not written any post like this one before, but I thought, I'd try, since, apparently, I am not the only one looking for a deal and a way to make a little cash.

Sign Up Bonus for You, Referral Bonus for Me!

You might have already seen ads about ING offering a bonus for new Electric Orange checking account customer. That's how I signed up. 

Since then, I have been looking for a way to get a bonus for opening a saving accounts. It turns out that, the only way I could find would be through someone else' referrals, where the referee would also get $10 bonus.

I do not know any of my friends ha an ING account but some blogger posts their referral links to help out those who are like me and getting the referral bonus themselves. I thought it was a win-win situation and I really like it. So, I am doing it here!

Getting the Most

For the most bonus, you will need to open a Saving Account with a minimum of $250 using the referral links after this paragraph. You will see an extra $25 in your account in hold (for 30 days) automatically appear after signed up. Remember, I could not find any other way to get a bonus for opening a Saving Account.

  1. Referral Link 1
  2. Referral Link 2
  3. Referral Link 3
  4. Referral Link 4
These links only work once, but I can add more as I go needed. Please let me know if you have used one of the links, so, I can get a new one for others. Please note, this link should work, even if you already have a checking account but not a saving account. At least, it worked for me. But, please do let me know if there is any question.

The interest rate is not good nowadays but 0.8% is better than a lot of banks. 

Extra Bonus Until Independence Day

[Edited 7/6/2012] The extra bonus that was described in this section has since expired. But you can still receive $50 bonus for opening a Electric Orange account and made three debit card purchases or Person2Person payments. More details are described in the linked page.

The sweet thing for now is that, they are offering extra bonus just for a few days - namely, from now until before Independence Day (7/3/2012 11:59 pm E.T. to be exact). The extra bonus covers a few things.  

First, if two or more of you signed up, I get extra referral bonus. Second, you will get extra bonus if you also open a checking account. The details are listed on their Financial Independence Days Sale page. Click on the link and then, click on the box with "Electric Orange" and then apply there. If you check out the links, you will find a few other bonuses options too. Our family is just not yet ready to claim...

They usually offers $50 for those who signed up and use their debit card or person2person payment (which I think is pretty cool, by the way) for a few times. They are now offering $76. You will also get extra $76, if you arrange for direct deposit. Details are listed in the above Sale page.

Add Your Own Blog Post

Or, refer your own friends. Then get more referral bonus for yourself too!

Why ING?

I learned about ING account from Simple Mom. The part that caught my eyes was the ability to open as many saving accounts as we need. In my mind, it would be great to have different saving account for irregular payments, emergency funds, and savings. I would like to be able to keep track of our savings, which should go up. With payments like insurance, our usual account balance keep fluctuating. The ability to open several saving accounts would help me solve that.

Once I have a checking account, I really like that it allows me to make transfer to another account free of charge. I actually use the Person2Person method to "pay" myself as a method of transferring money to my other accounts before I linked them together. It is pretty neat.

Hope you signed up and get some cash both for you and me! 

Let me know if you have any question. Thanks!

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