Monday, October 24, 2011

Report: How much clothes does a 2-year-old girl need?


These piles of clothes came from some gracious friends, three different families to be exact. They are clothes that their little girls have outgrown. And we get to have them all!

Now, it is up to my senses to decide how much to keep before they stuff my little girl's drawers and lead me to think that she need one more drawer.

Fortunately, after some sorting, there are just a few pairs of extra pants and a few t-shirts and PJs that is right for my girl's size and the coming weather. The rest can get into a box for she is older:

Hardly the Entire Story...


But as I found out, the most labor-consuming task was with the clothing that my little girl has out grown:

Note this, I have already given away her clothing from newborn to 6/9 monthes. My little girl actually wore most of these clothes in the past 18 months or so!

I was going to past these clothing to a friend whose little girl is now 6 months. So, I need to sort them through so I could pass to her the most size and weather appropriate ones. After about one hour of work:

If you look closely enough, you can see them stacked
by size, and weather with most of them folded...
Finally, I put together a big bag of clothes that she could probably use this coming winter:

Those in bag is ready to go. Those on bed need some good washing. They are clean but there are some solid feeding stains that require some scrubbing...

Here are the rest of the clothes for my friend when her girl is older, bagged by size and weather:
Still need to label them...
All together
The grey bag on the right contains those needed to be washed

What Still Need to be Done

To exercise the lesson from Clutter Snowball, I should finish this task before moving on. In this coming week, I need to:

  1. Wash those clothes that needed it
  2. Give the clothes to the friend
  3. Label those that I will hold for her
  4. Set reminder so that they won't stay in my house for too long

After Thoughts

This task is definitely more labor intensive than I thought... like an afternoon? Instead, it took me working through several afternoons and I still have a bag of clothes that need some hard work.

I also realized that there are a few other tasks that I needed to work on this week which I have forgotten about. So, I could not quite devote as much time as I thought I could.

I need to improve my time budget!

What's Next?

Since I still haven't finished this task, I should not start the next one. But I don't think those bullet points would take me the entire week to shoot. So, I might as well put together my next target. As I have learnt, a week can gone by quite inefficiently without a solid goal.

But I do not want to put too much in the plan that I need to borrow time again, which I did this past week: I went ahead and took care of a few extra things and I ended up go to bed way to late for most of the nights and I also failed to take care of the paperwork as they come in.

As a result, I was crankier for my kids and my desk started to fill up again.

So, after I finish the above list, as a continuation of Clutter Snowball, I would clear up some surfaces. These should be easy enough to be done in a short time and yet have much motivational value. Fit to the criteria I figured out last week.

I will begin with the area next to our bathroom sink. Then, on top of the cabinets in the upstair hallway. With my little one sick, I would leave it like that.

I hope to report next week around the same time with some new targets.

How about you? Have you done any de-cluttering projects? I would like to know what you are working on. Can you put a link to your recent project in the comment below?

Or, do you have any favorite stain remover to share?

I am linking this up to Org Junkie's 52 weeks of Organizing again this week. Hop over and see what project other people is working on and link to them too.

Let's get inspired!


  1. I feel like I am constantly having to go through my kids clothes! New seasons, new sizes, should I keep or donate, are we going to have more kids?! I go through all of those thoughts on a constant basis :-) Kudos to you for being able to go through all those clothes and separate them! I end up getting overwhelmed and just toss everything in a bag and drop it at Goodwill!

  2. I feel the same way, Heather. Except that, we should be done with having kids :) And I ensure you, if I did not already know someone would like to have them, I may have just send them to Goodwill too.

    Actually, I don't know, they are really pretty. They might live in my home until our next move...